Here’s What Your Life Will Be Like in the Future

life in the future

Life in the future will be very different than it is today. Many of the things that are around today will no longer be used. Life always progresses like that. Already you can probably think of some things from your childhood or your parent’s childhood that you don’t see very often nowadays. Things like telegrams, typewriters, rotary phones and rabbit ears (not the real kind – the television kind).

But life in the future will be really different. You can already start to see the signs of big changes looming. And we’re not just talking about new versions of Samsung phones, either. Already we have some pretty weird stuff in the world, like unicorn food. But get ready, because the future is coming, and it isn’t stopping for anyone. Luckily, we have a glimpse into what life will be like in the future.

Who’s Influencing Life in the Future?

There are a handful of people who are really influencing life in the future. These are mostly wealthy individuals who have the vision and financial resources available to implement change. People like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are pushing the envelope of what is possible. For better or worse, these are the kinds of people who are influencing life in the future.

What Will Life in the Future Be Like?

Right now, life in the future is just speculation. Because, you know, the future hasn’t arrived yet. But actually, what we have here is more than speculation. These are actual things that are either already in the seminal stages, or are in the planning phase.

You Won’t Be Driving

It’s too bad for all the road warriors out there that love to drive. You won’t be driving in the future. All of the new Tesla models are now equipped with full self-driving ability. Google has already been test driving (without humans, of course) self-driving vehicles. It’s just a matter of time before your car insurance company forbids you to drive your car yourself! Humans are a liability behind the wheel, apparently. That’s great if you like to enjoy a good book while commuting to work, but not so great if you enjoy the control of being behind the wheel. So far, the technology of self-driving vehicles hasn’t been 100% perfected, but once the bugs have been removed, you can look forward to it – or not – very soon.

Your Employer Will Own You

Okay, maybe not own, exactly, but with tracking implants inside every employee, it will sure feel like it. In this case, life in the future is already here. Employees at the Swedish company Epicenter are implanted with devices that track their movements. No long lunch breaks for those guys! The theory is that productivity can be monitored better with the implants. Apparently, counting profit to measure productivity doesn’t work in Sweden. Anyway, the employees are supposedly fine with it, though you never know how much those kinds of surveys are skewed. However, if this company gets away with it, you can bet that your own employee implant isn’t far away.

Your Brain Will Have Artificial Intelligence

Wouldn’t it be cool if you were as smart as Elon Musk (and as handsome, right)? Well, Elon Musk is making it happen. His new company, Neuralink, plans to develop brain implants that will help humans to make the use of artificial intelligence to enhance brain power. So far, no one has volunteered their brain to get the implant, but as soon as someone does, it will be full steam ahead. Get out the Trivial Pursuit game, mom! Your son is a genius!

You’ll Be Able to Type With Your Thoughts

If Mark Zuckerberg gets his way (and he usually does – ask any Hawaiian), life in the future on Facebook will be a whole lot easier. Since it’s such a PIA to type, Zuckerberg is using some of his billions to launch a device where you will be able to type using only your thoughts. “We have a goal of creating a system capable of typing 100 word per minute, five times faster than you can type on your smartphone, straight from your brain,” says Regina Dugan, head of Facebook’s Building 8 division.”

“Eventually, we want to turn it into a wearable technology that can be manufactured at scale,” Zuckerberg is quoted saying. “Even a simple yes/no ‘brain click’ would help make things like augmented reality feel much more natural.”

Well, we don’t know how natural that would feel, but it surely would feel futuristic, especially from our current vantage point.

So there you have it folks. That’s what life in the future will be like. You won’t be driving, you won’t be typing, your employer will be tracking you, and you will be super duper smart. Hopefully someone will be so smart they’ll figure out a way to make humans useful again someday in the future.





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