Glamorous Celebrities Who Are Also Devoted Mothers

celebrity mothers

When you think of glamour, you probably don’t picture a devoted mother fawning over her child. After all, baby spit up doesn’t complement silk and cashmere. But some glamorous celebrities are also devoted mothers. When they aren’t walking the red carpet or appearing on talk shows, they spend their time parenting. In their off time, these celebrity mothers can be found packing school lunches, attending recitals and gluing glitter onto poster board dioramas.

Why is it so hard to imagine celebrity mothers just being a regular parent like the rest of us? For some reason, old Hollywood had us convinced that the celebrity lifestyle didn’t include the less glamorous activities. We can’t envision celebrity mothers running to the grocery store in sweats, doing laundry or mixing up homemade Rice Krispy treats.

Most of the printed photographs we see in magazines depict a very different version of celebrity mothers. We get to see them modeling expensive clothes, lounging around in pristine environments on (gasp!) pure white furniture as they sip champagne and gaze out over the Mediterranean. Their makeup is expertly applied, the hair is coiffed and nails are perfectly manicured. This is not the way regular moms look, and we know it.

Yet, the following glamorous celebrities are indeed devoted mothers, as you’ll see. Some of them should even win an award for mother of the year.

Alicia Silverstone

celebrity mothers

We fell in love with Alicia Silverstone in the 1995 hit movie Clueless. Since then, she’s appeared in Batman & Robin, Blast From the Past and Tropic Thunder. But all those movies roles have been shadowed by Alicia’s recent foray into the publishing world. A devout vegan, Silverstone has so far published two books, “The Kind Diet,” and “The Kind Mama.” Alicia embraces a wholesome, holistic lifestyle for herself, her husband, and her child. Nothing is more important to Alicia Silverstone than the health of her family.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox celebrity mothers

Megan Fox is known for her sultry brunette looks and fabulous body. She’s starred in the movies Jennifer’s Body and Transformers, among others, as well as a recurring role on hit television show, New Girl. Her on again, off again marriage to Brian Austin Green of 90210 fame has made headlines. But what people know less about Megan Fox is that she is a devoted mother.

This celebrity mother of three is adamant about not letting her kids be corrupted by today’s fast media society. Her kids are protected as much from technology as possible. In an interview with People Magazine, Megan says, “I try not to expose them to technology,” “It’s hard to make them super nerds if I don’t let them watch television or movies, or get on an iPhone or an iPad. So right now, I’m making my kids into artistic nature-hippies. We’ll see what happens. At some point, they’ll choose what they want to be.”…”I don’t want them to get f–k-up brains,” she states. “So I just suck it up, and it’s hard, and one of us is always doing something. [Green and I] don’t get a lot of rest time, but I know it’s better for them.”

Victoria Beckham

celebrity mothers Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham has four children with soccer star and heartthrob David Beckham. After rising to fame with the band, “Spice Girls,” Beckham ended up forging another name for herself as businesswoman and fashion designer on top of her family responsibilities. Through it all, she manages to maintain a close-knit family and raise four children who appear to be intelligent and well adjusted. A big majority of Victoria’s Instagram photos include at least one of her kids every time. in fact, at least one of her brood appears to be involved with her fashion business. This is one celebrity mother who hasn’t let fame go to her head.

Gwen Stefani

Image Credit: Georges Biard, Wikipedia

Singing sensation Gwen Stefani has had it tough these last few years. But when her marriage to Gavin Rossdale fell apart, she didn’t let it bring her down. Now that she’s making eyes with blue-eyed Blake Shelton, you’d think she’d want to leave her kids with the babysitter. But most of the images released with devoted mother Gwen and her beau include her three kids somewhere in the background enjoying family time. This 47-year old celebrity mother gets credit for making her role as a mother a priority no matter what.

Many celebrity mothers are doing motherhood just like the rest of us – one day at a time. Whether it’s handling a new romance like Gwen, keeping kids from too much screen time like Megan, or including them in the family business like Victoria, it’s all about family.

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