How to Be a Dancer Like Dancing With the Stars

dancing like Dancing With the Stars

dancing like Dancing With the Stars

Do you ever wish you could dance like the dancers on Dancing With the Stars? As you watch them shimmy and glide across the floor, do you secretly wish you could take their place under the mirror ball? Maybe you’ve even had dreams where you were flying and spinning on the stage, jumping into the arms of Maksim Chmerkovskiy, or dancing cheek to cheek with Derek Hough. The pros make it look easy, but if you really want to be a dancer like Dancing With the Stars, it takes more than dreams.

The Background of a Typical Professional Dancer

Most of the professional dancers on the show have been dancing since they were young children. For example, Derek Hough and his sister Julianne came from a family of dancers, including all their grandparents. From a young age, they were exposed to the life of professional dancers. At 12, Derek and his sister Julianne moved to London to live and study with expert dance coaches. From there, they each went on to teach dancing at some prestigious dance academies. The hit show Dancing With the Stars represents just one stage of their long dancing careers.

Beyond Dancing With the Stars

Even if it’s too late for you to become a professional dancer like Dancing with the Stars, you can take steps (pun intended) to be the dancer who gets all the attention at your local club. If you really work on your skills, you might be able to compete at local events. The point is, there’s room for more people who want to be a dancer like Dancing With the Stars. You may not rub elbows with celebrities or win a mirror ball trophy, but you can make your dancing dreams a reality.

What it Takes to be a Dancer Like Dancing With the Stars


Dancing is a form of strenuous exercise. You’ll need to do some work in order to increase your stamina, your muscle tone and your flexibility. Here is an exercise move that a real Dancing with the Stars professional recommends:

Cheryl Burke offers this tip to improve leg, ankle and feet muscles. Stand with your hands on your hips. Extend your right leg first. Point your toe. Write the alphabet in the air with your toe. Don’t stop until you get to Z. Repeat with the other toe. You can use your imagination to “draw” other, larger shapes with your toe after you’ve mastered the alphabet.

Julianne Hough is a busy gal, but she still manages to exercise. (Though you’d think her dance routines provide enough of a workout!) Just like the rest of us, Julianne gets stuck at a desk for long hours; reading emails, scripts, or taking care of her website. Her best tip for making sure exercise is part of every day? “I don’t fit it in, I schedule it in.” That makes good sense that everyone can use.


It’s been reported that for every 2-3 minute dance routine on Dancing With the Stars, there’s a 6-hour practice, two to three days a week. That kind of rigorous schedule isn’t possible for most of us who work for a living. (Can you imagine what it would be like to call your boss and explain that you’re not coming in because you need to practice dance moves?)

Still, if you really want to be a dancer like Dancing With the Stars, you’ll need to schedule some practice time. Here are some suggestions for practice.

Nintendo Wii

Connect your Wii and get a copy of “Just Dance.” There are several years available, so just pick one that has your favorite songs. Try to pay attention to the dance moves so you really learn them. You’ll be able to apply them to other music, or to choreograph your own dances someday.

Book Dance Lessons

One of the great things left over from the past is the Arthur Murray Dance Studio. If you don’t live near a big city, you might not have one close by. But, there is likely at least once place nearby that offers dance lessons. Call them up and get in there to practice being a dancer like Dancing With the Stars.

So how exactly do you find a partner to do all these great new dances you’re mastering? You can find dance partners by being vocal about your new pastime. Mention it at school, at work, in the book club meeting, and on your social media pages. You might be surprised at the number of people that come out of the woodwork who have a dream just like yours; to be a dancer like Dancing With the Stars.




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