8 Reasons We Love Emma Watson

reasons we love Emma Watson

reasons we love Emma WatsonEmma Watson is the beauty in Beauty and the Beast. The casting choice makes perfect sense. We’ve been infatuated with Emma Watson ever since she played Hermione Granger. Over the years, her popularity has only increased. Here are just a handful of the many reasons we love Emma Watson.

1. She is Stunningly Beautiful

Yes, looks aren’t everything. But one of the reasons we love Emma Watson is that her look is stunningly beautiful. She has those milk chocolate, melt in your mouth, almond-shaped brown eyes. Her figure is womanly in a delicate way. Emma’s hair is always shiny. Her complexion is healthy and glowing. Sure, maybe youth has a little to do with it, but there are a lot of young actresses who didn’t get cast to be the beauty in Beauty and the Beast. We think she deserves it for being the epitome of beauty.

2. She is Incredibly Intelligent

Emma Watson understands the value of a good education. Instead of resting on her laurels, she chose to continue her education. She subsequently graduated from Brown University with an AB in English Literature. Emma’s education was a priority to her parents when she was a child. But after they divorced, money was short. At one point, according to Emma, her birthday present consisted of a school uniform and a pencil case.

3. She is Environmentally Sensitive

Rather than take life for granted, Emma Watson is sensitive about the world she lives in. Her choice of vehicle reflects that. In 2008, she passed her driving exam in the United States. But she didn’t go out and buy a flashy car with the $10 million she earned from playing Hermione in the Harry Potter series. She currently drives a Toyota Prius. Emma’s commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there. At the MET Gala in NYC, she opted to wear an environmentally sustainable dress. Her simple act helped to draw needed attention to the negative environmental impact of the apparel industry.

4. She’s Not a Stereotypical Child Star

Emma Watson first acted in Harry Potter at the tender age of nine. Before that, she’d only acted in a handful of school plays. She appeared in all eight Harry Potter movies. During that time, she was followed by paparazzi, photographed at movie premiers, and had her picture splashed all over celebrity magazines. Many other child actors succumbed to the pressures that childhood fame brings. Yet, Emma Watson did not fall to the perils of stardom. She’s never been known to wreck hotel rooms, appear drunk in public, or become addicted to heavy drugs. Of course, we know she’s not perfect, but it sure looks that way!

5. Emma Watson is Brave

Another one of the reasons why we love Emma Watson is because she is brave. Over the years, she’s sported a variety of standard hairstyles. But when she opted to get a pixie cut, we fell in love with her all over again. Taking a chance with such a drastic cut is a big move when you’re a movie star. In a recent issue of Vanity Fair, Emma Watson posed braless in a barely there crocheted shrug. Critics were quick to judge, but Emma stood firm. Earlier, Emma shed her clothes for a photography shoot for James Houston’s book, “Natural Beauty.” It seems she is not afraid of anything, and that’s why we love Emma Watson.

6. She Nailed “Beauty and the Beast”

Watching Emma Watson onscreen in the film, “Beauty and the Beast,” we understand exactly why she was chosen for the part. Her natural effervescence emerges as easily as the beast’s love for beauty. It’s easy to imagine that in real life, Emma is capable of seeing people for who they are, not what they look like.

7. She Promotes Goodwill

Emma Watson could be like other celebrities and use her fame to get more things for herself. But one of the reasons we love Emma Watson is that she is a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. In her role, Emma promotes gender equality around the world.

8. She has a British Accent

Okay, maybe this is a shallow reason to love someone, but hey, who doesn’t love a British accent? Just listening to Emma Watson speak is like listening to chimes blowing in a warm English countryside breeze. Anytime Emma Watson wants to talk about anything whatsoever, we are ready to listen!

So, those are the eight reasons we love Emma Watson. What about you? Why do you love Emma, and did you see Beauty and the Beast yet? Leave your comment below!


Image by: Georges Biard [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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